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Introducing the Fluent Blog

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Hello and welcome to the the Fluent Energy Consulting blog! This blog is meant to accelerate the development of energy efficient, carbon-smart and climate-friendly housing - something we can call high performance housing. I entered this career because my wife and I wanted to live in a net zero home, built with climate-friendly materials and systems, and we could not find anyone local who could answer our questions. I plan to make this blog for everyone because we all live in homes (those of us lucky enough to afford one), and we ought to know how a home "lives and breathes". I plan to speak about energy but always in the same breath as carbon. The mantra for a house: if it's not's carbon-smartless!

Blog topics will be designed to improve energy and carbon literacy and answer related everyday questions. I will include anything that is monitoring, innovative people, newly available mechanical systems that help us decarbonize, and carbon-smart appliances. We will look at global power trends that will see power become increasingly distributed, harnessing up-and-comers like solar, EVs as portable backup home batteries and emerging tech such as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) bidirectional chargers that help put it all together.

To start, our first feature blog is a short series studying a high performance home I helped develop with an innovative builder and forward-thinking, creative homeowners. So what IS a climate-friendly, high-performance house, and how do I get one, you ask? That's what we'll aim to answer in this series.

My approach is analytical, but my interest in carbon-smart housing and our collective well being comes from the heart. Let us know if you have blog topics or questions, and we'll help find an answer!

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