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BC Energy Step Code-related services

(BC Energy Step Code - an optional compliance path of the 2018 BC Building Code)

NEED to add a link to an intro about the critical driving regulatory structure - the BC step code and give some example communities From the BC Implementation  SCHEDULE (Cumberland, Comox, Courtenay, Nanaimo, Salmon Arm, Penticton).  SEE 'Egnyte's BC Energy Step Code Information which includes a video and is great.

1. BC Energy Step Code Compliance Services:
The BC Energy Step Code Compliance Service is delivered by an Energy Advisor (EA) and is described as follows:
  • A foundational service of Natural Resource Canada's Energuide Rating System (ERS).  All homes will eventually get an Energuide Rating so the efficiency of the home is known to prospective homebuyers. It will thus be important to make your home energy efficient for energy cost savings and long term resale value.
  • A Basic Service includes an on-site energy evaluation of the house.
  • Energy modelling of the house (with approved software).
  • An air tightness test (with blower door equipment) to show the amount and location of leakage (energy loss) areas.
  • Generation of an EnerGuide Rating for the home to show its energy efficiency.
  • Rated Energy Intensity (amount of energy your home uses per square footage). This is a standard so it can be compared to other typical homes.
  • Rated Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the house.  This showns the annual GHG produced by the oepration of your home and its mechanical systems. In a world where carbon taxation is increasing, you will thus be important to make your home energy efficient for long term resale value.
  • Cost:  Competitive local market rates. Loyalty discounts available for Builders with ongoing needs.  Please call for rates.
  • Rebates available?  Yes - up to $300 from CleanBC and possibly other regional incentives (see Rebates and Incentives for more information).
BC Energy Step Code 1.JPG

Image courtesy of the Government of BC. A Best Practices Guide for Local Governments. July 2019.

Energy Step Code Compliance
Fluent Energy Advisor 43.jpg

Roxulboard (mineral wool) external insulation over

air barrier building wrap

Fluent Energy Advisor 44.JPG

Zehnder Q450 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) 

2. Materials and Systems Optimization Service (MSOS)
Providing Carbon-Smart Materials and Energy Efficient Mechanical Systems Options
"Your home resale value may be at risk.  Did you know all new homes in BC will be required to be Step 5 (up to 80% more efficient than a code-built house) and net zero-ready by 2032! Use the MSOS to mitigate this financial risk and build a forward-thinking home that will meet or exceed 2032 code requirements"
FUTUREPROOF? If your home is not energy efficient, carbon-smart and built to a high Energy Step Code, your future home resale value is at risk.  In fact, you could get caught with a new home that is out of date in as little as 3 years (when Step 3 becomes mandatory).  Want to futureproof your home and maximize resale value in a future where systems generating carbon pollution will be vulnerable to increasing taxation?  Consider using the MSOS for your new home and protect your resale value!
MATERIALS & MECHANICAL SYSTEMS OPTIONS? Are you a builder or a homeowner motivated to use energy efficient materials and reduce your GHG emissions in your building materials? Can't decide what healthy materials to use for your home build?  Can't decide which type of heating, cooling or mechanical systems to use to make your house carbon-smart?  Fluent is here to help provide options.
The MSOS is a customized Fluent Energy Consulting service that builds on the Construction Upgrade Service. The MSOS provides carbon-smart materials and energy efficient mechanical systems options. This service offers the client a deeper dive into materials options for key high performance house components. Materials not only promote energy efficiency, but are also carbon-smart, and have recent examples of historical use by industry. The MSOS is described as follows:
  • This is a service for those builders and homeowners that want affordable high performance materials for their house that are proven in comfort, health and durability, and are carbon-smart to reduce their "upfront" carbon.  Note: A material's "upfront" carbon is the carbon used to produce and deliver a material (e.g., insulation) to the construction site.  Note that 'Operational' carbon is that which is used by household mechanical systems (e.g., the heating/cooling system) during the operation of the house. Operational carbon is not addressed by this service.
  • Recommendations based on big picture data from a number of carbon-smart materials palette sources emerging in the marketplace.
  • Incorporates some of the knowledge attained through the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) provincial workshops.  Incorporates preferential building assembly components and materials that are local and readily available material supplies.
  • Incorporates ongoing local costing analysis in order to seek out best value local high performance material supplies.
  • NEW OR EXISTING HOUSE SERVICE?  New or existing.
  • FOR HOMEOWNER OR BUILDER?  Homeowner or Builder  
  • Cost:  Different packages exist based on the number of options required.  Competitive local market rates. Loyalty discounts available for Builders with ongoing needs.  Please call for rates.
  • Rebates available?  There are no rebates for this service; however, Fluent will prioritize energy efficient mechanical system options that have provincial (CleanBC) or regional rebates available.  For a on overview of provincial and regional rebates available, see Rebates and Incentives.
Smart-Carbon Materials Optimization
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