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We help people build healthy high performance homes. The world needs carbon pollution solutions and we are helping provide
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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says humans on overage now spend 87% of their time indoors.  As much as 70% of that may be in your home.  Humans have essentially evolved into an indoor species.  The EPA also says concentrations of some pollutants are often up to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.   Think about that for a moment.   Shouldn't a home provide superior indoor air quality if we spend the majority of our day there?  Fluent thinks so.  

A home is where we spend more than half our day, so comfort and health should be critical.  Of course an energy efficient and carbon-smart home is a critical building block of a healthy community, and there are a number of other energy-based economic activities that can help execute a more wholistic community vision of sustainable energy use and sustainable development activities.  Fluent has many ideas there as well.  We will be reaching out to the community to discuss the many exciting opportunities that exist in the new green economy as the global economy transitions to more renewables and more sustainable development initiatives.

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We contribute to a better earth by focusing on our impact to the planet. This impact shapes and directs our decisions at Tree. Our focus is on healthy and efficient homes through conservation.

Answering the question – ‘What is sustainability?’ There are many solutions to this riddle, but at the root is safeguarding our resources so we do not negatively impact future generations’ ability to sustain life.

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